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Thank you!

We can’t tell you how happy we are that you’ve chosen to support the Next Tech Girls initiative – we honestly couldn’t do it without your help! Every inspiring woman in technology that becomes part of this journey is working towards making equality in the sector a reality, rather than a pipe dream.

What now?

We really appreciate the fact that you’ve taken the time to become part of our site, and we don’t want to seem too cheeky here, but did you know that you can do even more to help support this initiative? For example, if you could do some – or maybe even all – of the following that would be absolutely amazing.

  • Email your friends or colleagues and nudge them to become part of the Wall of Inspiration too!
  • Shout about your profile on Twitter – don’t forget to mention us @NextTechGirls
  • Check out our Facebook page and give us a Like!
  • You can also find us on LinkedIn and Instagram – we love being social!
  • Speak to others in your company about Next Tech Girls – or point them in the direction of Steve Brown

Here’s Some More of Our Good Stuff.

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We're always looking for companies to collaborate with - whether that's by encouraging their team members to join the Wall of Inspiration, or even hosting girls on technology work experience. Click the button to see who's already supporting us, and how you can join the list.
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