Today is my birthday (don’t worry, I’m not plugging for birthday wishes or sharing my age) but yesterday I received an early birthday present.

WOW Talks women in tech event 600 main

Participating in and supporting the WOW Talks Women in Tech event.

Over the course of the day around 500 secondary school girls and 600+ women (in technology, or exploring the industry) came together to be inspired about the opportunities that tech has to offer them.

Truly inspirational speakers

There was a line-up of truly inspirational speakers that spoke genuinely, passionately and engagingly about their journeys, achievements (Words Of Wisdom) and thought-provoking questions. Some quotes that stuck with me were:

“Tech is that unique space between intellectual curiosity and real world impact” Luciana Carvalho Se

“Let go of the fear of failure, and dare to fail greatly” Lara Glover

“You have to find your purpose, to enjoy what you do” Priya Lakhani

The energy in the room in the afternoon – during which time the school girls heard from Mohima Ahmed, Priya Lakhani OBE, Genevieve Smith-Nunes, Dr Rebecca Fiebrink, Laura Haynes, Elena Corchero, Jody Conibear, Luciana Carvalho Se (along with a MusicTech entertainment break from Ara Harmonic) – was amazing.

Wowed by WOW Talks

I am not doing the speakers justice, so make sure you also check out WOW Talks on Twitter. The event was trending at fourth at its peak.

There was an incredible amount going on, from medical challenges that shattered the dreams of Genevieve Smith-Nunes that tech has re-enabled her to realise, to the scientifics of Priya Lakhani, and the powerful words of Laura Hayes, accompanied by workshops with General Assembly and CoderDojo and speed round mentoring sessions.

One of the schools that attended via our Next Tech Girls network fed back last night:

Thank you so much for sending us the invite to such a fantastic event! My students were truly inspired and enjoyed listening to the speakers, trying out demos and the workshops. The people representing companies were so easy to talk to and were brilliant at engaging the girls. St Marylebone School

The event was supported by the Mayor of London and UN Women, had fantastic sponsors in Accenture, IBM, Sky, Adobe, and General Assembly, and a long list of partners (too many to list sorry) of which we were proud to be one.

Incredible support for girls and women in tech

The event then seamlessly transitioned to host women in tech or exploring tech with equally inspirational speakers in Gemma Milne, Jude Ower, Lula XYZ, Maxine Macintosh, Lara Glover, and Roberta Lucca.

I unfortunately missed a chunk of the afternoon talk (for a client meeting) and then returned to hear the end of Lara Glover’s talk, which was great, and then finally the inspired Jude Ower.

It fantastic hearing how the four billion hours of weekly game play in the world can be channelled into social good.

It’s events like this that will have a positive impact on bridging the gender gap in tech, by enlightening the talent of tomorrow.

I am proud to say that Empiric supported the WOW Talks Women in Tech event via our Next Tech Girls initiative, as it embodies our aim of strategically supporting the increase of women in tech.

A different side to tech

It was an amazing experience for all the girls and women that attended, showing them a different side to tech and the opportunities it presents, and an equally inspiring experience for myself in attending, speed mentoring enthusiastic school girls, meeting all these amazing and successful women, and being a part of making this event happen.

A massive well done to Kim Arazi, Helen Gazzi, all the WOW Talks team, and all that contributed to the amazing day.

What an achievement! More than 1,000 young girls and women will have walked away inspired by tech in some way, shape, or form, hopefully leading some to pursue a future in tech.

This post was originally written by Steve Brown on LinkedIn – connect with Steve here

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