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Celeste Ortega


My job title is

Head of Project Management

I work for


This is what I studied

I studied for my Masters in Advertising and Public Relationships.

Here is how I got into Tech

I opened a Digital Agency in Spain when I was 25 years of age with two other founders. I was Creative Director back then. It was the second job of my life, and I was a girl in a man’s world, leading teams and talking to big organisations.

It was hard but very interesting.

Here is one line to inspire you

Three top tips:

1. Never allow anybody to tell you what you are capable of, you are your only judge. Trust you.

2. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself time to learn and grow. Nobody starts knowing everything!

3. Be proud of being a girl or a woman in tech. Never underestimate what a woman can bring to a team full of men. Don’t try to blend! Explode the differences and bring something new.

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