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Your Future, Your Ambition

“YFYA introduces students in Key Stages 2, 3, 4, 5 and above, to exciting career paths in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). We bring together companies that embrace diversity and understands the value a diverse workforce brings to their business.”

Check out Your Future, Your Ambition here


National STEM Clubs Programme

“Our aim is to help secondary schools throughout the UK establish and maintain exciting science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) clubs.”

Check out the National STEM Clubs Programme here


Blooming Founders

“We believe that there are lots of amazing female founders who deserve more visibility. We believe that every girl and every woman should be encouraged to be entrepreneurial. We believe that technology will help with a lot of challenges that women face today.”

Take a look at Blooming Founders here


Girls Into STEM

“As well as encouraging female students to consider careers in STEM areas, involvement with VEX Robotics equips participants with the key transferable skills that all industry is looking for – Communication, Team Work, Time Management, Project Management.”

Learn more about Girls Into STEM here



“Founded by Lyanna Tsakiris and Miranda Bishop with a team of amazing women, Re:Program will provide a space for women to chat openly about their industry experiences, meet peers, mentors and friends in their industry.”

Find out more about Re:Program here


Rocking Ur Teens

“• Create a global community of teens that make change happen.
• Catalyse a community of teens who collaboratively create personal and social change.
• Equip teens to enjoy their teenage years, while also using them to catapult them to future career success.”

Check out Rocking Ur Teens here


Mums in Technology

“We offer the only child-friendly web development coding course in the UK specifically targeted towards mums. Our mission is to remove barriers to entry into technology for Mums by equipping them with the technical and entrepreneurial skills to succeed.”

See more about Mums in Technology here



“Designed in partnership with the UK Business Angels Association, we crafted a programme dedicated to identifying, empowering, and showcasing the UK’s top female tech founders seeking finance for their organisations.”

Learn more about Fin4Fem here


Fire Tech Camp

“Creativity. Innovation. Technology. Fire Tech Camp brings these together to empower your child with the right skills and environment so that they can build something amazing.”

Check out Fire Tech Camp here


Women Shift Digital

“We are encouraging women and girls to become Tomorrow’s successful producers, communicators, educators, coders, digital artists, designers, curators, writers and creative. This is the right point in time to recognise and celebrate the greater benefits gender balance is bringing to the digital and tech marketplace in terms of creativity, user design and economic added value.”

Learn more about Women Shift Digital here


Success at School

“Success at School is a national careers website for students aged 13-19. Our aim is to help young people make informed decisions about their future. We reach more than 500 schools and colleges across the UK.”

Discover more about Success at School here


Women In The City

“Founded in 2003, Women in the City is a dynamic, highly respected, award-winning organisation that promotes, recognises and rewards female talent.”

Find out more about Women In The City here


Geek Gurl Diaries

“My name is Carrie Anne. I am a geek, and these are my diaries. They are a collection of video logs about using and making technology, along side interviews with inspirational women in the fields of computing, science, technology and engineering.”

Check out the Geek Gurl Diaries here



“wearedotdotdot is run by Centre for London and developed in collaboration with partners from across the tech community. The platform is an online directory of Digital Learning Programmes that develop digital skills and help people access jobs in Tech City.”

You can see more about wearedotdotdot here


Angel Academe

“We’re helping more women enjoy the benefits of angel investing and, at the same time, helping the best UK tech startups access the capital and “smarts” women bring. We believe that diverse investor and startup teams make better decisions, are more capital efficient and give better return on investment.”

Check out Angel Academe here


Women Hack for Non-Profits

“Women Hack for Non-Profits matchmakes skilled women in technology to open source projects for non-profits, charities and individuals with a good social cause. By doing so, we aim to enhance the skill set of Women in Tech to support their growth and increase their footprint in the open source community.”

Find out more about Women Hack for Non-Profits here



“We care deeply about all children becoming active creators of technology, not simply, passive users. We teach coding, robotics, problem solving and encourage lateral thinking. We use the new National Curriculum in Computing as a framework for the classes we lead.”

You can find out more about blue{shift} here



“We were bored of being stereotyped into jobs where our talents didn’t shine, bored of being told how we should and shouldn’t behave, should or shouldn’t say or should and shouldn’t wear – ALL because of our gender, so we set up Genderbuzz, a digital destination for like-minded women, men, girls and boys to explore and create a world where gender is not a factor in success or opportunity.”

Learn more about Genderbuzz here



“Northcoders is the coding bootcamp for those looking to find a software engineering role in the North of England.”

Check out Northcoders’ great site here


Liverpool Girl Geeks

“We are on a mission to decrease the gender imbalance within the tech industry and do this by hosting a series of events and workshops to inspire women and girls of all ages, as well as celebrate and showcase role models within the sector.”

Learn more about Liverpool Girl Geeks here


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