Wouldn’t you agree that some of the best solutions you come across are ‘simple’ yet ‘effective’, particularly when it comes to solving complex problems?

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This is the reasoning behind Next Tech Girls, which we launched to strategically support the growth of women working in technology.

The gender imbalance that exists in the tech sector is nothing short of madness, but it’s madness riddled with complexity.

What’s the reason for the lack of women in technology?

There are so many elements and moving parts to this problem, and here are just a few that we have seen first-hand:

  • Girls being self-conscious about being labelled a geek in school
  • Girls forming misconceptions about what the career opportunities in technology are
  • Girls being steered away from tech – both consciously and unconsciously – at school, home, and in the wider media
  • The daunting prospect of being the only girl on a computer science course, or the only woman joining a digital team
  • A lack of clear female role models from the technology industry across all career levels

The list extends to pay imbalance, unequal treatment and effectively maintaining the attitude ‘that it is, what it is’.

What’s the solution?

Now for the ‘simple’ but ‘effective’ solution that is Next Tech Girls.

Wouldn’t it be great if girls who are still in school could go into tech departments across the industry and be given the chance to see what it’s all about? While also being provided with:

  • Easy access to female tech roles models, career information, and resources
  • Information that busts the myths that tech is all just coding and hacking away at a keyboard all day, and that it’s only for boys / men

Well, that’s what’s happening. You can be a part of this movement by hosting girls on tech work experience!

Just register your company’s details. You can also check out the companies that are already supporters.

How you benefit from helping girls find work experience

Hosting work experience is not difficult, and it can be incredibly useful and insightful.

Now for the ‘simple’ but ‘effective’ solution that is Next Tech Girls.

Think about it. Do you want to engage with your customers / employees of tomorrow, or have an app you want tested, or need an unbiased opinion on a product…?

Hosting a girl on work experience could help you do any of these, and more besides.

Or, if you are a woman working in tech, join our Wall of Inspiration. By sharing your story (regardless of your career length) your journey could be the perfect inspiration that a girl is looking for.

There you go – the ‘simple’ but ‘effective’ solution.

One thing’s for sure – the tech sector needs women

You don’t just need to take my word for it, here’s a video from Georgiana, describing her Next Tech Girls work experience at Virgin Money.


The tech sector needs more skilled professionals to meet its growing demand for skills.

This is why women must feature far more within the future talent pipeline, to allow the sector to continue thriving, and this need to be done on a large scale through active collaboration.

The tech sector needs more skilled professionals to meet its growing demand for skills.

Please contact us to become part of this initiative, either through the Wall of Inspiration or How to Support page, and help to spread the word.

With effort and positivity this only has one outcome – positive change!

This post was originally written by Steve Brown on LinkedIn – connect with Steve here

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