Next Tech Girls is an initiative brought to you by Empiric with the aim of sustainably and strategically increasing the number of women in technology by securing meaningful tech work experience for girls. 1.46 million people are employed in the UK’s technology sector, but only 17% of them are women. We want to help change this.

Companies are increasingly recognising the value of diversity, leading to tactical solutions for hiring more women. This often results in merely moving existing talent around, shifting the problem from one company to another and having no long-term impact.

There is a need and opportunity for strategic and early intervention.


Foundations Set

We’ve met with girls taking ICT and Computing at GCSE level, and it has been an eye-opening experience. Some girls are extremely passionate about a future in tech, while others are not. This is largely due to a lack of awareness of the opportunities and career paths available (many believe tech is exclusively about coding).

We have invested and continue to build on strong relations and networks with: schools across London, women working in tech, working groups and bodies, and corporate leaders. All so we can assist the growth of women working in technology by facilitating meaningful tech work experience placements for Next Tech Girls.

Overview of Initiative

Year 1

  • Launch a website that operates as a platform for facilitating tech work experience, and a hub of inspiration and insight for girls in education.
  • Facilitate a minimum of 100 meaningful tech work experience placements (within 2016), for Year 10 girls across London (14/15yr olds) that are currently taking ICT or Computing at GCSE.
  • Capture stats from participating schools on the current number of girls selecting ICT / Computing at GCSE and the number progressing into higher education.
  • Collaborate with other initiatives, working groups and bodies to provide a support and resource network for girls entering the tech industry.

Year 2

  • Capture positive experiences of girls from year one, and distribute media packs (including video diaries) to schools. These can be shared with girls in pre-GCSE years to provide peer influence and insight.
  • Increase the number of placements secured and roll out the initiative nationally.
  • Distribute stats and measure impact.

Year 5

  • To have achieved 5,000+ tech work experience placements and contributed to the increase of Women in Tech.

Meet Our Team

Programme Manager
Programme Manager

Steve Brown

There’s this stereotypical opinion that computers are for boys, and that IT subjects aren’t attractive to girls. And although the number of girls taking IT related subjects at school is lower than males, studies have shown that female students actually outperform their male counterparts. So where are these girls dropping off? Why hasn’t the number of women working in the industry risen? These were all questions I felt needed answering and Next Tech Girls is not only providing answers but solutions too.  As programme manager, I’m facilitating ties between companies, schools and students to build long term and beneficial relationships that will change the face of technology.

To get in touch, call 0203 675 7777 and ask for Steve

School Liaisons Manager
School Liaisons Manager

Clair Milligan

The number of women recruited to the technology industry has been falling over the past 10 years, and I was interested in how I could change that. You hear about companies moving existing talent from one department or company to another, but that’s not getting to the root of the problem. I believe that it has to be tackled at a much earlier stage, and that’s why building good relationships with schools is incredibly important for me. My role is to get a number of schools to work with Next Tech Girls, and show them just how valuable their female students are to the technology industry.

Head of Corporate Partnerships
Head of Corporate Partnerships

Marie-Clare Fenech

Diversity has been shown to be the gateway to innovation and creativity, leading to increased competition and revenues. And yet the industry that is best placed to embrace this disruption is over 80% male. Furthermore, with companies producing three times as many jobs as computer scientists, there is a serious talent pipeline issue. Next Tech Girls addresses these issues at the core by engaging young female students in the future of technology through providing exciting and informative work experiences. I forge the partnerships with companies that deliver work experiences that not only show young women an alternative career future, but are also helping change the DNA of tech.

To get in touch, call 0203 675 7777 and ask for Marie-Clare


Sam Kamyar

The idea for Next Tech Girls was born out of the frustration of the lack of current methods addressing the problem of gender imbalance in the industry. Far too many of the existing ideas and initiatives are tactical. They yield short term results for companies and don’t really contribute to a long term solution. We want to sustainably and strategically increase the number of women working in technology. What better way to do this than to provide fulfilling and eye-opening work experience to young females in education, at the point that they’re making critical educational decisions that will guide them on their vocational path.

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